Gillette Rubie Platinum Plus

Gillette Rubie Platinum Plus Blades

Another from the Gillette stable, although made in Russia. Not sure why Rubie is relevant.

Schick Premium

Schick Premium Blades

Another German blade. Schick is the name used in some markets for Wilkinson Sword, owned by Energizer.

Rapira Platinum Lux

Rapira Platinum Lux Blades

Another blade from Rapira, but does it live up to it’s luxury name?


Sputnik Blades

This one has a more obvious link to the Russian space program. Also Teflon coated like the Voskhod’s.

Rapira Swedish Supersteel

Rapira Swedish Supersteel Blades

Another from the Russian stable, though this one boasts its use of Swedish steel, known for quality (apparently).

Ladas Super Stainless

Ladas Super Stainless Blades

An unfortunate name, given the similarity to a certain brand of car, but are these budget blades better made?

Voskhod Teflon

Voskhod Teflon Blades

Another blade from the Russian stable. The name seems to come from their space programme.

Rapira Super Stainless

Rapira Super Stainless Blades

Confusingly, these share a name with a different Rapira blade, but different packaging and performance.