Testing Technique

To be honest, my testing methodology is far from scientific. I should only be changing one element at a time, but that would take an awfully long time, so instead, I test multiple variations at once.

The Hardware

The one element that has remained constant throughout my testing (so far) is my razor. I’m using an Edwin Jagger DE89L.

My brush has also remained fairly consistent, with only one foray into a Wilkinson Sword bristle brush. Otherwise, I’ve been using an Edwin Jagger Best Badger brush.

My Technique

I ‘cold’ shave, wetting my face with warm water before lathering up, but that’s it. I then perform two passes, one with the grain (WTG) and a second against the grain (ATG). I will then do a bit of touching up if required (typically is).

A wash down with cold water is followed by a shower, and some time later an application of aftershave balm (to start with, always Nivea Men’s Sensitive Post-Shave Balm).

I only wet shave every other day (Mon, Wed, Fri, plus Sat), with an electric razor shave in between.


Initially, it was quite simple, I would use each blade twice, with a difference soap or cream each time. They’d get used twice no matter what, and discarded after the second shave, regardless of the┬ástate it was in.

Once I had been through my collection once, I then went back to test longevity, testing them for a week’s worth of shaves (typically four).


I don’t tend to use the same soap/cream/stick twice in a row, and it comes down to whatever takes my fancy that day. I do try and pick one I know has provided good results to use with a new blade for one of its tests.

Lathering can be done in a mug, or directly on my face (I very rarely hand lather), and the chosen technique of the day will be included in the review text.